Applicators – Prioritizing Your End-User Experience

Product Formulation is an obvious investment, but choosing your packaging with the end-user’s experience as the focus aligns you to their unspoken needs.

There are a variety of factors that contribute to your end-user’s opinion to your product and the applicator plays a key role. Applicators help to control dosage as well as contributing to the user’s interaction with the product.

With the increased visibility of beauty trends and skincare tools and formulas, end-users are drawn to unique applicators paired innovatively with formulas for a fresh experience. We at Global Packaging Inc understand the trend and want to introduce our various applicators for your ease of reference.


Tubes are a classic body for such a wide range of formulas and uses. The advantage of squeezing the tube and pairing them with various applicators helps to elevate the specialized nature of your product and improves your customer’s experience via the ease of application with the special applicators.

At Global Packaging Inc, we offer various applicators/closures on tubes as below.

  • M5 head with flip top cap, slant head or dome shape head: These are the standard dispensing options available typically for 0.5oz fill products.
  • Needle nose head: Typically used for spot application and available between 0.3oz to 1oz fill capacity.
  • Dropper head in PETG material: This is a special head which is used for squeezing the product in a fixed dosage using the dropper technique on the glass bottles. Available in tubes for 0.5oz to 1oz fill capacity.
  • Silicone head: This head style is more flexible due to its material and mimics the control of applying formulas with your finger but without smooth feel on the applied area.
  • Roller ball head available in either 3 ball or single ball stainless steel ball: Ideal for formulas that benefit from physically rubbing or rolling the formula onto the applied area. Available in tubes for 0.5oz to 1oz fill capacity.
    Our team can also help to direct you to our patented Leak-proof roller ball heads on glass bottles. Contact us today for further details.
  • Mascara applicator: The convenience of applying liquid formulas (e.g. mascara, brow gels, white hair touch-up, etc.) onto small areas of hair is now available in tubes at much economical cost. Available with tube for 0.5oz fill capacity.
  • Brush head applicator: Ideal for on-the-go direct application of liquid formulas such as lip gloss, liquid eye shadow, or liquid foundation. Available in 0.5oz & 2oz fill capacity.
  • Scrub head: This head stye directly squeezes product into a short silicone bristle scrub head for direct application. Available for 4-8oz fill capacity

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Airless components have always been a popular packaging spec for medical and cosmetic products. The Airless components safeguard the formula from any oxidation or pollution while precisely dispensing the product with a simple push mechanism! Now with your refreshed insight, you can pair your airless components with special heads for spot applicators.

Currently available with 3 different head styles: slant head, roller ball head and metal applicator head

Fill capacity range: 10ml and 15ml.

Sep 13 2021
Categories: Applicators

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