May 14 2022
Introducing: Push Button Droppers

Serums and facial oils are playing a larger role in skincare than ever before. Bulb Droppers have been the natural choice as a means to “injecting” these concentrates into our

Apr 18 2022
Introducing: Metal-Free Pumps, Refillable Jars and Airless Bottles

The importance of sensitivity towards a more energy and resource conscious future is becoming more and more integral to the industry’s viability. Consumers are more aware that their usage and

Feb 18 2022
Decoration brings your components to life!

We must reconsider the depth of detail that we regard and design our Primary Packaging design. We often forget that the direct decoration (not the material and shape of the

Jan 13 2022
First impressions through custom molding

Product development is a more creative and expressive field than ever before. The story, formulation, primary packaging, and secondary packaging all add a color to the canvas you are trying

Dec 14 2021
GPI’s Tubes on Demand (TOD) Program

Needed tubes yesterday? TOD may be your solution Life loves its surprises, and we are here to support when it throws them your way. When last minute launches or quick-turn

Nov 11 2021
Secondary Packaging, Your First Impression

Is secondary packaging important? The experience of opening the secondary package and reviewing the product is becoming a trend and new norm in the industry. The initial aesthetic of the

Oct 13 2021
Global Packaging’s New Design & Branding Service

Dream it, design it, make it! Global Packaging, Inc. (GPI) is a service-focused team. We believe that our main goal should always be to ensure that all your needs are

Sep 13 2021
Applicators – Prioritizing Your End-User Experience

Product Formulation is an obvious investment, but choosing your packaging with the end-user’s experience as the focus aligns you to their unspoken needs. There are a variety of factors that

Jul 14 2021
HDPE Bottles

HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene, a versatile petroleum-based plastic commonly used in creating bottles for personal care products as well as foods and beverages. HDPE was first discovered as

Jun 08 2021
Aluminum Products: Superior Style and Sustainability

Aluminum packaging for consumer products is not a new phenomenon (it has been used for toothpaste tubes before the 1970’s and the first all-aluminum beer can was introduced in the

May 10 2021
PET Bottles

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate; and is a form of polyester which can be extruded or molded into plastic bottles for packaging foods, beverages, personal care products etc. At Global

Apr 10 2021
Airless Components: Now More Popular than Ever

As great packaging is critical to success, many markets especially beauty and personal care spends a lot of thoughts in creating the best, most outstanding package for their products. Airless

Mar 10 2021
Glass Bottles: Premium quality glass bottle with dispensers.

At Global Packaging Inc., we offer high quality Boston round glass bottles in various sizes, colors and dispensing options. We offer in-stock available sizes ranging from 5ml - 50ml and higher

Feb 10 2021
Our Cutting Edge Green Environment Initiatives Support Sustainability.

Global Packaging offers a wide variety of sustainable packaging options for the beauty and cosmetic industries. We provide cosmetic tubes, jars, airless components, glass and plastic bottles, component families, secondary